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Mo Kolours Shares Psychedelic Video for 'Orphan's Lament'

Take a trip into the world of Mo Kolours

Mo Kolours is a beat-maker. I imagine he has an extensive back catalogue of productions because each time he's released an album it consists of 18 tracks, each focusing on a distinct groove until it drifts off to the next. It's also clear he's developed his own sound with it being hard to pigeon-hole him into any particular genre or compare him to any other artist. Think, Flying Lotus with a softer touch, coupled with R&B, classic Hip-Hop and a bit of jazz influence. Wow, now doesn't that sound like something you could get lost in for a bit. 

He recently shared a video for 'Orphan's Lament', a track of his new album Texture Like Sun. The album itself might be his best work to date and with a multitude of tracks, you can put it on repeat and let it soundtrack your day. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the unique nature of Mo Kolours and swing by his Bandcamp to dig into his catalogue. 

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