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Nachtbraker Shares His 2015 Recap Playlist

Listen to a collection of soulful Deep House tracks from Nachtbraker

2015 was a huge year for Nachtbraker. A relatively new producer in the dance music realm, he's quickly established himself as an artist to watch due to a sting of quality releases on well respected labels. Whether it was with Heist Recordings, Dirt Crew or most recently with Hudd Traxx, he's recently stepped out in a big way and his collection of releases from this past year speak for itself.

To help recap his momentous breakthrough, Nachtbraker has put together a playlist with all his releases from 2015. The Dutch artist is proving to be a force to be reckoned with amidst the world of soulful Deep House music and his stylistic production motifs have captivated listeners the world over. We've got our eyes on him moving forward and you definitely should too.

"Looking back on a magnificent year now.. If somebody told me in January 2015 what I would do this year.. I wouldn't believe a word they'd said. Releasing three EP's on Hudd Traxx, Heist Recordings and Dirt Crew. Playing in these amazing cities as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Istanbul, Berlin, Barcelona, Vienna, Copenhagen, Brussels, Milan, Venice... pff only thing I can say.. what. a. year!! I thank all the people who danced for me and listened to my music! Also.. Peter, Ouissam, Claudia, Glenn, Eddie, Lars and Maarten thanks for your continuous support and help!"

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Below you can listen to all 18 of his outstanding originals and remixes from 2015.

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