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Brand New Vinyl Pressing Machines Are Entering The Market For The First Time

With vinyl record sales the highest they've been in 20 years, new presses are going to be installed

Vinyl pressing machines are big, really big, and they take up a lot of space in a warehouse. There hasn't been any innovation with vinyl presses for decades, but with the current boom in record sales, new presses are entering the market.

A German start-up called Newbilt Machinery has developed a new press that updates the old and outdated presses with an electronic control system and hydraulics to press the molds that Record Products of America (RPA) provide.

Plastic News spoke with the technical sales manger of RPA, Dan Hemperly, who expressed that the "new" machines aren't really all that new. With that being said, this updated machinery is necessary for the high vinyl demand. “We haven’t invented anything new. We’re just making old manual pressing machines with new parts,” states Hemperly. “It’s a very simple, basic system and nothing needs to be qualified as to whether or not it will work. Of course it will work. It’s working everywhere right now.”

Parts for vinyl presses aren't cheap. A pressing plant in NJ called Independent Record Pressing recently bought 6 used presses for $1.5 million and had to replace a screw on one of the machines for $5,000. The new machines from Newbilt look to make it easier for plants to press more records.

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“It’s a world wide epidemic. You can’t get a record made quickly,” Hemperly said. “That’s why there’s so much interest in getting vinyl pressing machines."

With record sales the highest they've been in 20 years, the music industry is expecting it to stay on the up for some time. A supermarket even added a vinyl record section in their stores. There's no telling when the medium will go out of style,we hope it never does and more record presses is definitely a good thing for everybody.

Check out the new vinyl press from Newbilt Machinery below.

vinyl press

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