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No Regular Play Share Their Soulful Cover of 'Hotline Bling' as a Free Download

Grab the free download of No Regular Play - 'NRPLINE BLING'
No Regular Play

'Hotline Bling' is right up there with the most popular mainstream tracks of 2015. My girlfriend's cellphone has the melody as her ringtone and it's at that point where I just want to pick it up and chuck it across the room whenever it rings. Sometimes you have just heard a track a bit too much, you know?

No matter how you feel about the original Drake track, No Regular Play completely flips it with their own rendition that's like a breath of fresh air. It's one of those productions that induces an uncontrollable head-bob. NRP's horns layered in the mix adds that much needed soulful touch and creates a vibe that's much more aesthetically pleasing. With that being said, the NRP cover was inspired by the original, which means Drake must have done something right.

Be sure to scoop up this track as a free download and enjoy the No Regular Play interpretation. 

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