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Pioneer HDJ-700-R DJ Headphone Review

If you are looking for a versatile and stylish prosumer DJ headphone, look no further.

Pioneer has been leading the charge in pro and prosumer DJ gear for the last decade, but one of the key things that was missing in the lineup was a prosumer DJ headphone. 

With so many new DJs in the market for a dual-purpose headphone (DJing & normal listening), Pioneer reacted and introduced the new HDJ-700. Pioneer has always had good design, but function has always been the priority, the HDJ-700 meets style conscious DJs in the middle with four colorways (matte black, red, gold and white) and a sleek forward thinking design. 

HDJ-700 Profile

HDJ-700 Profile

The sound is, of course, bass heavy as the headphones are specifically tuned with the EDM DJ in mind but the mids and highs are also crisp, and overall the headphones make listening to EDM a lot more fun. 

The construction is solid for a pair of headphones at the $159 price point, and you can tell they will be able to take the riggers of full-time use and lots of porting around. The headphone headband is made of steel in an effort to avoid breakage commonly found in plastic bands. 

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The drivers are 40 mm and deliver more than enough bass for DJ monitoring, and the earcups create a nice seal to prevent leakage and isolate your audio. 

The headphones also feature interchangeable cords (coiled / straight) which is a key feature for any DJ headphone, especially one that might also serve as your primary listening headphones as well. 

The right ear cup swivels up for one ear monitoring. 

The right ear cup swivels up for one ear monitoring. 

The right earcup also rotates up about 60 degrees for when you want to monitor with one ear, also another very key feature for DJs. 

If you are in the market for a prosumer headphone that can function both as your primary and DJ headphone the HDJ-700 is a great buy. 

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