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Porter Robinson Remixes 'Big Catzz' by Rustie

Watch an incredible fan-made video for the new track
Porter Robinson Hits Coachella With New Remix

With one of the most conceptually pleasing albums and live performances in recent history, Porter Robinson captivated fans with his thrilling visuals and forward thinking motifs. We were blown away by Worlds live with the distinctly surreal landscapes that transported viewers to Porter's own "world". Now a fan has taken one of his recent edits and paired it with visuals reminiscent of the Worlds characteristics.

Porter Robinson has been playing his new edit of Rustie's 'Big Catzz' in DJ sets, but it has yet to be officially released. The track has been uploaded by Nickster2230 with a visual display that looks like it was taken directly from the Worlds live performance, but it wasn't. He's constructed his own fan-made visuals for the track. Watch the video below and we will be sure to update you on any news of a possible release in the future.

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