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Purple Disco Machine Shares His Year Mix 2015

A collection of tracks that perfectly represent the distinct Purple Disco Machine sound
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Purple Disco Machine

Purple Disco Machine

Where as many DJs put together end of the year mixes filled with their favorite tracks of the past year, Purple Disco Machine takes this time to do something a bit different. His Year Mix 2015 consists of his very own standout tracks, after all, he did have a massive year in 2015 and his own work is what landed him the top spot on our Top 20 Underground Artists of 2015 list.

The mix spans nearly an hour and perfectly represents his distinct musical outlook. Purple Disco Machine possesses an old-school House style that he has evolved to be relevant no matter what time period. Some may call his brand nostalgic, I just call it good House music. Have a listen to his Year Mix 2015 and hear why we chose him as our top producer of the year.

Top 20 Underground Artists of 2015

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