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Suddenly, Richie Hawtin returns... This past October a mysterious Plus 8 12-inch appeared, and many thought it might be Richie. Turns out, it was indeed the illustrious techno guy himself, but what we weren't expecting was a full compilation album consisting of 15 tracks!

Compiling works created with his various producing identities such as Plastikman, Childsplay, F.U.S.E. and Robotman, Richie Hawtin has unleashed a beast of an album in From My Mind to Yours. Stop whatever you are doing and take a listen

This new compilation album harkens back to a very early Plus 8 compilation album, From Our Mind to Yours Vol 1. Essentially, it's as Richie says in the statement below, a celebration of twenty five years of forward thinking music. Stay tuned for a full review soon.

Richie Hawtin released this statement to accompany the surprise release: 

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"This year is the 25th anniversary of Plus 8 Records, the label that John Acquaviva and I started at the beginning of our technology-fuelled journey into music. We thought of celebrating in many ways—an anniversary world tour or releasing a best-of compilation. However, in keeping with the original vision of Plus 8, we decided to celebrate the occasion by revisiting the very reason we started the label in the first place: releasing new forward-thinking music. 

"For me personally the anniversary was an inspiring moment to get back into the studio with similar intentions as in those early days. I was very happy to be back where it all started. Equipped with updates of my original studio 'friends' and combined with the latest recording technologies, I then stripped the setup down to its basic components and found freedom within those limitations. No real plans, just the everyday process of getting up, turning on the gear and pressing record. In that environment I had the opportunity to revisit the personalities that I had explored earlier in my career, re-defining my own interpretation of techno. From My Mind To Yours." 

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