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Richie Hawtin Is Behind The Mysterious Plus 8 White Label Releases

Richie Hawtin explains the vision behind the releases in an interview
plus 8 records logo

plus 8 records logo

A couple months back Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva's Plus 8 label released a pair of records by supposedly unknown artists. Long-time fans of the label speculated it might be Richie Hawtin himself and now he's finally revealed he was in fact behind the releases.

The confirmation has been made in a new interview with Hawtin via EB.TV. The Hardwax store releases are credited to three of Hawtin's aliases. The first record consists of all three monikers in Plastikman, Childsplay and Robotman with the other release just being Plastikman. Hawtin discusses the vision behind the releases in a video interview which you can watch below.

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