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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Richie Panic

It's time for some "Seasonal Affective Disco" with Richie Panic of Lights Down Low.
Richie Panic of Lights Down Low

Richie Panic

Lights Down Low throw amazing parties, it's almost a scientific fact. If you have been to one of their warehouse parties or underground soirees in the metropolises of San Francisco or Los Angeles, we know you agree, the rave lords Richie Panic and Corey Sizemore have the perfect party magic dialed in. 

With much joy, with even more excitement, Magnetic Magazine presents a delightfully true to form mix from Richie Panic of the Lights Down Low party team. 

He's got personality, he's got comedy, he's got top notch selecting ability, Richie is just THE MAN. Without further ado, here is Richie's "Seasonal Affective Disco" mix, and while you listen, scroll down and read a bit more about this awesomely fun character. Or check out our other interview with the full Lights Down Low dynamic duo.

What is Richie Panic all about in one or two sentences? Bonus points for one.

A persistent believer that we should embrace the dionysian delights and the triumphant chaos before we return to the void aka, I like to party.

How would you advise people listen to this mix? Any suggestions for mental or environmental state?

Let no daylight touch this mix. It’s for when after the sun sets, which is very easy at this time of the year.

What’s new with this Lights Down Low thing you got going on? Still spending your life in nightclubs?

Lights Down Low continues to push the boundaries of what two men can do with passion, determination, an email, account, and limited access to funds but unlimited access to FUN. Currently looking foward to our Holidaze event, heading back to LA and curating an amazing room with the Minimal Effort people for NYE (including Black Asteroid, Silent Servant, and friends) and then flying back to SF on NYD to have Canadian Playboy Tiga return to the rave cave at Monarch. Plus all kinds of tasty things and wild surprises I can’t discuss yet. Stay tuned.

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So yes, still spending a lot of time in nightclubs.

What are three things that Richie Panic absolutely can’t live without? Beyond basic human necessities.

Cat, music, wi-fi.

As a seasoned and renowned DJ, what is the key to throwing down a proper set?

Enjoy what you play, play what you enjoy. Try to provide the chemical reaction you get to everyone else in the room.

Who or what inspires you?

That “moment” when it all comes together. A cat walking across a floor. A surrender to the moment, when all front brain functions cease and it becomes all lizard brain, you’re no longer on this planet. You’re gone.

What is one deep thought you have been having lately?

I worry a lot about the collapse of human civilization as we know it, and the effect that will have on our ability as a planet to party.

Parting thoughts? Words of wisdom?

Spend your life in nightclubs. 

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