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As one of Techno's most noteworthy producers of the past few years, Rødhåd is bringing on the next wave in full force. He continues to deliver original productions that present a fresh take on gritty and industrial Techno. His sound construction is like no other artist in the game and with his new Söhne Der Erde EP he truly shines.

As the follow up to his Kinder Der Ringwelt EP released earlier this year, also on Dystopian, Rødhåd seems to be offering up a different side to his personae with this new release. From the 110 bpm 'Lookitit' and the dark and mysterious 'Vivarium' to the ambient nature of 'Verhängnisvolle Nebel' and jacking 'Maschinenvolk' he's really giving us an "all-in-one" collection. Listen to the previews below to get an idea of what to expect and venture over to the Dystopian website to grab the release.

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