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Skinemax: A Nostalgic Look Back At A Half Remembered Childhood



If you’re of the generation reared on late night television and B-movie VHS tapes think of this as long form entertainment for short attention spans. Or an hour-long VJ odyssey that’ll move your body and make you pine for a simpler time. Hey YouTube junkies here’s your next fix…

After mixing the music, I devoted an hour to go through my Netflix queue and pick all the movies out. I wanted to just go with my instinct and didnt spend much time at all picking out the movies. Just ones I thought might be visually interesting, whether I enjoyed the movie or not. Then I decided which movies fit best with each song.

I had a very dadaist approach to the visuals. There are many thematic moments and jokes here and there, but each edit was like a game of free association. I would try to tie each image to the previous one somehow. Most made sense at the time but now I forget a lot of the connections.

I would do each song as a segment, so I would do a lot of re-edits within that segment, but once I moved onto the next song, I wouldnt touch it much unless I later came across something that would fit well in an earlier song.

There was no real definite plan aside from certain segments where you see a theme for more than a few shots, such as electricity, fire/explosions, babes, guitars, flying, etc. The last song I had pretty well laid out in my head from the beginning though.

Anyways, I could go on and on about this but those are the basics. It was an exhausting project and took more hours than I care to count, but it was a lot of fun to see it come along and I am just overwhelmed with the response it has gotten. I thought maybe 1,000 people would have the patience for something like this at most. Glad I was wrong! -Smash TV

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  1. Com Truise “Norkuy”

  2. Depakote “Tummler”

  3. Martial Canterel “For Us”

  4. Fulgeance “Glamoure”

  5. Daedelus “Penny Loafers”

  6. Teebs “Why Like This”

  7. Laurel Halo “Embassy”

  8. Games “Strawberry Skies”

  9. d'Eon “Transparency”

  10. FOE “A Handsome Stranger Called Death” (Com Truise remix)

  11. Games “Shadows In Bloom”

  12. White Car “No Better”

  13. Gatekeeper “Forgotten”

  14. The Hasbeens “You And Me”

  15. Ford & Lopatin “Emergency Room”

  16. Rainbow Arabia “Mechanical”

  17. oOoOO “Burnout Eyess”

  18. VHS Head “Motions”

  19. Outer Limits Recordings “Plastik Child”

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