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Skream Gives Away "Club Ready" Unreleased Track

"Have tested this out and it goes OFF!"
EDM News - Dubstep Is NOT Dead? Skream Clears Things Up

We know Skream's not lying when he saying he tested this track and it absolutely smashed the dancefloor. After listening to it, it's easy to see it being picked up by any quality record label, but Skream lost the project file and won't be able to properly put the finishing touches. Lucky for us, he's giving it away for free.

'MALEFIC' is a hard hitting Tech-House anthem with driving percussion and resounding atmospherics. It's dark, yet provokes the feeling of emerging from the depths and into the light. It's a must for all who enjoy dance music on a regular basis and if you're on this page, we assume you do. Have a listen to the track below and be sure to scoop up the free download here.

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