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Spotify Looks to Implement New Directive, Not All Music Will Be Free

Artists will be able to withhold their music from those who are not paid subscribers

Music streaming has been a hot topic this past year with streaming services like Soundcloud cracking down and removing content while Napster and WeTransfer have launched new platforms. With that being said, the leading streaming service is without a doubt Spotify, with their extensive catalogue of free music. But wait, in the future, Spotify might not be what it used to be.

Having music available for free is a concept that the music industry is looking to get under control. Last year, Taylor Swift went ahead and removed all her music from Spotify because she didn't agree that all her music should be available for free. Last month Adele made a similar move by not allowing streaming platforms to list her new album and when the album dropped, it sold 3.5 million copies in a week. Perhaps having music available for free really does hurt album sales (of course it does).

The Wall Street Journal reports that Spotify are looking to implement a new concept into their platform. They want to allow artists to withhold their music from free users and have their music only be available to Spotify's paying users. There are currently 20 million subscribers who pay $10 a month with another 80 million users using the free service. Spotify's original goal was to make music available to everyone for free, but artists still need to be paid their dues.

This new concept certainly makes sense considering the fact that musicians work hard at producing their art and should be compensated accordingly. The problem is this, if Spotify chooses to allow some artists to withhold their music they need to allow all artists to do the same. This could lead to a sticky situation with the free service and completely flip the company's original platform.

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Spotify has yet to implement the new policy, but talks are serious and it looks like the company will indeed be making some changes to it's platform. We'll keep you updated as more news surfaces.

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