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Stereosonic: Three Police Officers Tested Positive For Ecstasy and Meth, Dealer Faces Charges

Tip-off sparks drug test of police force, a man is charged after the death of a 25 year old woman at Stereosonic

Police and security confiscate drugs and other paraphernalia at dance music events all the time. Sure, maybe they smoke a little bit of weed, but going as far as to say they're high on ecstasy seems a bit far-fetched. That is until a drug test comes up dirty.

It's being reported that 200 officers were tested and two men and one woman tested positive for ecstasy after a tip-off that officers had been high during the first leg of Stereosonic in Sydney, Australia. With a lineup consisting of the likes of Diplo, Armin Van Buuren, MK and Claude VonStroke, it's easy to see some officers getting in on the rave.

Although we may assume they were on drugs during Stereosonic, the officers won't be getting charged because authorities can't really prove anything. Western Australia Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan said, "I am aware that they were targeted tests based on intelligence we had received some information about these officers. At some stage they must have obtained it (the drugs) from somebody so that is a concern for me." They may very well have been high at Stereosonic, but there is no proof of this as they could have been high on ecstasy before or after the event.

In other news surrounding Stereosonic, a dealer has been charged with two counts of supplying drugs after the death of Sylvia Choi, age 25. Daniel Dung Huynh was arrested after police found records of a WhatsApp exchange between him and the deceased. Yellow "SnapChat" pills are said to have been involved in the deal. Huynh expressed that the caps were "strong" and that users should only take half. He now awaits trial and sentencing at Auburn police station.

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