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Supermarket Looks to Get in on Vinyl Boom, Sells LPs for The Holiday Season

Buy your eggs, milk, vegetables and vinyl all in one place
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The recent resurgence in vinyl is well documented with Amazon offering free record giveaways, Barnes & Noble declaring Vinyl Day and Discogs sharing interesting data from their vinyl marketplace. Now a British supermarket is getting in on the action by selling LPs in their stores, just in time for the holiday season.

Tesco, the biggest supermarket provider in Britain, recognizes that many will want to buy records as gifts. The music buyer for Tesco, Michael Mulligan, is leading the charge. “Vinyl is definitely coming back with demand growing stronger year by year and we think there will be a big demand in the UK this Christmas as music fans look for trendy gifting options.”

Tesco didn't just arrive at this idea over night. Over the summer, the supermarket tested the waters by selling Iron Maiden's new album which prompted them to take the idea to the next level. They now even offer a wide range of 12 different turntables with a price tag of £40 to £140.

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Vinyl sales are at the highest they've been in 20 years with 2 million albums sold in the past year alone. It's safe to say we never thought a supermarket would get on board, but now it's easier to see other outlets following suite. 

A spokesperson for the British Phonographic Industry states: “For band and fan alike releasing and buying on vinyl is akin to a ‘badge of honour’, where mere recording is elevated to art that demands to be owned and coveted.”

[via The Guardian]

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