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Ten Walls Produces New Track With Transgender Musician Alex Radford

Ten Walls is doing anything he can to show he's changed his ways. Will the public accept him again?
Ten Walls press photo

After falling out of favor with the entire music industry after his homophobic rant earlier this year, Ten Walls is looking to bounce back. He penned a letter with a formal apology that stated he had created an electronic opera with members of an LGBT group in Lithuania, but the public was not yet ready to accept his apology. Now he's produced a new track with Alex Radford, a transgender musician, seemingly to show he's come a long way from the rant that started it all.

In a video released today, Alex Radford describes the production process with Ten Walls, stating that it was truly a pleasure to work with the producer and he would definitely work him him again. The track itself is far off from what we're used to from Ten Walls, but it possesses an emotive element with lyrics that portray a "comeback" style story.

I'm sure this video will stir up a lot of opinions about whether or not Ten Walls is worthy of being forgiven for his horrendous homophobic comments. The public will ultimately have the final say. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

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