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The QuickDraw 300 DLX Vape Pen Review

Looking for a great 3 in 1 vape pen that's top notch? This is it.

The QD 300 DLX a great solution for the mobile vaper that likes multiple formats for their vaping. The QuickDraw 300-DLX handles dry herbs, wax, and liquids and it does all of them well. Most 3x1s that we have seen have been pretty weak but not this mighty pen. 

The packaging is the first indicator of a quality product as most companies that sell crap don't mess with packaging much. This box is what we call iPackaging, a high-quality box with slick graphics and an excellent "out of the box" experience that makes you feel confident in your purchase. 

The MSRP is around $140, and you can get the 300-D model for about $40 less if you just want to use it for dry herbs. 

Complete Kit Ready to Vape

Complete Kit Ready to Vape

The DLX steps it up with three canisters for each format (herbs, concentrates, and liquids). We suggest keeping the original box for home storage of your extra canisters as chances are you are not rolling out wanting to hit all the formats. Or maybe you are, maybe you just party like that on your way to the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer. Hell yes, you do you we aren't judging. 

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The canisters magnetically detach from the body that makes things pretty easy in regards to swapping them out. Each canister has the appropriate vessel for your vaping format either a bowl or refillable reservoir. 

The bowls are not big on this vape, but they do well for their size delivering multiple big hits without expiring your precious cargo too fast. They are a bit hard to load so if you have a friend with tiny hands pass off packing duty to them, then pat them on the head and say thanks, little buddy. 

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Warning - Read the warning. Most people don't but this one is worth paying attention to as the stainless steel cartridges do get hot hot hot. 

One feature that we liked is that the unit doesn't have temperature settings but instead has a preprogrammed setting that works with each cartridge. Maybe using the work "preprogrammed" is not the best use of language here but each cartridge is modified in a way to raise or reduce the amount of heat from the same heating element, kind of like insulation. It works well, so it's a feature we do dig. 

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You don't have to think about anything (we like that when we are vaping, it's nice), you just put the cartridge on, and its temperature is set correctly for whatever form you are vaping. Some people may not like this lack of control, but for us QuickDraw did get it right for all the cartridges. There was never any combustion or burnt taste, and it always hit really well. 

Like most portable's the unit comes with USB charger that is connected magnetically (yeah, we like that). It will last about 7 hours or so on a full charge, maybe a little more or less depending on how often you are using it. 

The LED ring light at the bottom of the unit is more or less your heads up display. It indicates when the unit is running low on juice and when it's ready to hit. 

In summary, this is a great mobile device for those who like to vape with different formats on the go. It hits hard for its size and is very simple to use and port around. The build is sturdy, and it comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box sans packing materials of course. Good buy!

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