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Top 10 Tropical / Chill House Chart - December 4th, 2015

The tropic thunder storm front is moving in this winter. Lets boogie in our boots.
top tropical house chart december 5th, 2015

Sunset Solstice

I recently heard a Spanish word that got me thinking, la sombremesa. There's no English translation but in gringo terms it’s basically the time after dinner or lunch where you just sit for hours and catch up on life, love, and the pursuit of weirdness while sipping some coffee, wine or mai tais. It’s a time void of rush or checking your phone for the latest Ben Houston snapchat story masterpiece, allowing friends, family and baes the chance to dive into the important and random and just wing it in terms of conversation.

There is no agenda other than chillin and I think we are all missing out on this a bit. So, my challenge to you is to get your sombremesa on this holiday season and piss off your waiter as you take 3 hours to finish your meal at the restaurant. Pour out a couple glasses of sauvs or a bold blend with some bitchin’ tannins, order a latte to piss the waiter off even more and just let peace be the journey. Kick your brains feet up and enjoy your well chosen company, you can check your favorite yellow lab puppy instrgram accounts later, I promise it will still be there and just as adorable. In the meantime here are some tunes to get the wheels turnin and burnin for the weekend and get you in a vibrant and vibin mood. Enjoy!

“Feels Like Home” The Him ft. Son Mieux, DAILY DEEP

The Dutch dastardly duo The Him know how to pitch a damn good song. Their work with it on the vocals and sax on this high polished soon to be party thumper is superb and done just right. The whole song isn’t depending on just the the production thanks to the untouched pipes of vocalist Son Mieux who croons cool as a tropsicle on a hot day. This is the first track from The Him that I’ve really been blown away by and the pot of stoke is boiling over for what awaits in the coming year from these gents.

“Feels (Hotel Garuda Remix)” kiiara

Gryffin just put out his frozen flames winter mix and opened with this track that got my legs buckling. It’s super damn fine, cute face, little waist with a big behind. Hot Garuda was lauded as one of the artists to watch in 2015 and they’ve lived up to the already building hype. Closing strong is key and these guys solidified themselves as one of the best mass appeal melodic house acts out there.

“Electric Love (Oliver Remix)” BORNS, INTERSCOPE RECORDS

Cool to see Interscope Records repping remixes like this, shows the groovy house fire is burning strong. I always anxiously await any sign of new material from Oliver and a friend sent this with the note this was going to make the chart without a doubt. Well, once again I’m damn impressed and boogying wherever, whenever this track is bumpin. This collab rebirths BORNS with a ton of energy and shows how a producer can truly completely reconfigure a song without even touching the vocals.

“Spreewaldplatz” Mazde

This track is a Mighty Morphin Power Rager. Its sleek like a ninja and powerful in its digitized blasts and hums, with blended vocals repeatedly calling out to “Stay” dripping down your ear drums. When it busts a move you better clear the dance floor because some tribal rompstepping is about to go down. Having recently featured his track “Pitch Black” it’s clear that the versatile Mazde is charging up the hill and you better be ready.

“Vapours” Mozambo & Max Liese feat. Julia Church

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The Mozambo and Julia Church combo is the realest of deals. The last two months have featured two phenomenal heartstring players from this vocalist and producer plus, riding us into a glimmering gold world where the sunset never fades and feeling good is mandatory. I’m pleasantly impressed once again and want more melodic magic.

“Karma” Justin Jay & Friends feat. Josh Taylor & Benny Bridges, BLACK BUTTER RECORDS

Dear lawd, this is some tribe making, sexy music. Justin Jay is about to embark on an aural odyssey through a sea of waving warms and wild dance circles that he’s orchestrating with some of the crispest house beats around. I heard an unreleased track at the end of his Desert Hearts Festival set featuring either Josh or Benny and it has the same smokin hot vibes as this beach-tinged housier banger. He is the artist I’m most excited for in 2016 without a doubt. Glad you graduated homie so you can start the movement in full force.

“Sweet Lovin” Sigala feat Byrn Christopher, MINISTRY OF SOUND RECORDINGS

Pure, sweet sweet lovin’ joy is flying out of the stratospeakers with one of the most anthemic sing-a-long tracks of the year. It’s not surprising this track has over a million plays but it is surprising it took me so long to hear it. Thanks Crook for showing me what up. Bryn Christopher is going to have a damn fine career with pipes that really make this track shine bright.

“Let Me Love You (Mavro Remix)” Mario, ETIQUETTE NOIR

No I know you know how to sing this one loud. This is the track that will ignite all your ugly Christmas sweat parties and for that I will say, you’re welcome and happy fuckin holidays. Mavro gives it all the essential tropified trimmings and trappings tied up elegantly with a nice string section and thumping bassline midway through. Interested to hear more from Etiquette Noir, one of the better tastemakers and possibly labels? out there in the scene.

“I Want To Love You” Wishes

What it do, Wishes. Nice to meet you. Let’s do some dancing then. I haven’t been this impressed by a debut single in a long time so mad kangaroo kudos to you amigo. This Sydneylicious soundmaker has created a blend of euphoric electronic and indie dance tunage that is packed with his own vocals and instrumentals, making me think his live shows are quite the spectacle. No wonder he will be touring with Neon Indian and has earned Passio Pit style props from the blogosphere. I can’t wait to catch him when makes his way through LA.

“Can’t Forget You (Touch Tone Remix)” RAC

When you get featured by the remix master RAC on one of his own tracks you know you’ve made it. Touch Tone has flipped and set fire to this simmering track with a progressive house style that fits way too well. The LA native captures everything sexy about the nightlit city he calls home in this production and I have no doubt this will get bodies pulsing in the clubs this winter.


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