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Trinity Hyperion In-Ear Headphone Review

If you are looking for a pair of reasonably priced buds that will blow you away, look no further

Is it possible to have an exciting IEM with some great bass for under sixty dollars? I probably would have said, "Yeah, right buddy" about two weeks ago but the Hyperion buds by Trinity have changed my outlook on inexpensive in-ears. 

When the product arrived I almost felt like it was a sham, the packaging and details were just too good. I know packaging sounds frivolous but for most consumers it's a big deal and imparts a sense of value. See the Beats By Dre example, they are one the kings of packaging and that element helped cement their dynasty for a relatively "meh" overpriced headphone. 

Nice hard case, tons of tips, clip and L plug... Wow.

Nice hard case, tons of tips, clip and L plug... Wow.

For under sixty dollars I don't expect much, maybe a crappy soft case and some average murky sound that's a step above the buds that come with the "device."

Remote, Mic and Braided Cable 

Remote, Mic and Braided Cable 

The Hyperions have a mic/remote, a fantastic hard case, a large variety of tips and good construction. 

The headphones have 8mm drivers with solid aluminum ear pieces and nice braided cable to match. 

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The first thing you will notice is the overall brightness and bass; these buds just feel rich and full. I tested the buds on both my iPhone and my computer with a Cambridge DAC and they sounded great in both. 

As with all reviews I listened to every genre under the sun and found the Hyperion buds to excel with Hip Hop, Jazz, Electronic and more acoustic sounds. I found them to perform a bit better at a slightly lower volume as well, if you crank them up, you start to lose some of the luster. 

A tip that will create perfect seal 

A tip that will create perfect seal 

The large assortment of tips allowed me to find the perfect fit that helps dial in the seal and the sound. I was able to listen to them for over two hours without any discomfort that is unusual for a pair of buds. Usually, I'm readjusting them within 30 mins. 


If you are looking for some amazing ear buds for your mobile device you are going to be hard-pressed to find anything better for the price point. The Hyperions sound incredible for this price point, are well made and well equipped. You are going to be stoked on these!

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