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V-Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphone Review

Are you looking for an amazing wireless and wired headphone?

V-Moda has finally entered the wireless game with the Crossfade Wireless, and it was well worth the wait. If you are not familiar with V-Moda's critically acclaimed and DJ loved M-100 check it out here. 

Aesthetically the new Crossfade looks more or less the same as the M-100s although due to some extra gadgetry in the left earcup the units no longer fold up. Oh well, you have to sacrifice a little compaction for wireless connectivity, you'll live. 

The rechargeable battery, which is housed in the left earcup, lasts about 12 hours on a full charge. The battery life is about 2 hours longer than the industry standard that hovers around 10 hours per charge, so we are already off to a good start. 

Should you run out of juice on your epic journey to Australia you will be fine, just plug in the wire and you are good to go. The Crossfade Wireless works even better as a wired headphone and even has a little more punch than the original M-100. 

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Just like the rest of the V-Moda family the new Crossfade Wireless [CW] is built incredibly well. No plastic in sight and built like a tank. The weight is increased slightly to 10.3 ounces / 292 Grams due to the materials, but it's hardly noticeable. The headphones also come with the traditional slick hard case that schools most of the flimsy cases out there.  If you do manage to break them after the one-year warranty expires they will replace your headphones for half price which is a LOT more than most companies will do for you.  

The CW's come in 3 colorways (gunmetal, rouge, phantom chrome, and white silver) at the moment and also come with an extra pair of 3D-printed fiber or laser etched shields if you purchase them on So if you like some extra customization you can get very creative with the shield options that no one else can offer. 

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V-Moda's top notch case

How do they sound? In a word, excellent. The CW is revealing and doesn't tolerate bad production. If your music isn't mastered well, you will hear the flaws even on compressed files. I listened to about 30 different songs while reviewing this headphone and heard a lot of songs in a new way, some good some bad. The headphones themselves work across all genres and feel pretty balanced across the board but do tend to favor the bass a little bit more so if you are looking for something flat; these headphones are not for you. The sound is noticeably better when using them wired vs. wireless but it's nominal, and it probably won't bother most users. There is a slight hiss when using it in wireless mode but this is pretty much the same with almost every wireless headphone we've ever tested. 

I would recommend getting the XL cushions as they make a noticeable difference in comfort (these should be stock). 

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Compatible with V-Moda's accessories: BoomPro mic for gamers and broadcasters, the CoilPro cable, 1/3-button cables, VAMP DAC/amp and XL cushions.


V-Moda's late entry into the wireless market was well worth it. They are built incredibly well, have better than average battery life (12 hours), a 20+ feet range (even through walls), premium case and provide a lot of customization options. The sound is excellent and bumps up the bass enough to make it exciting but still balanced. If you are looking for a pair of premium wireless headphones, the CW is at the top of its class and well worth your hard earned cash. 

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