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The week's best Drum and Bass plus a bit of festive fun

Christmas is coming, the DnBArena awards were celebrated this week and Hospital Records are even doing an advent calendar for your festive pleasure. As we gear up on the countdown towards Dec 25th and the new year, it’s a great time to look back over the last year and be thankful for every festival, every great night, every epic set and every horrific 3 days following the aforementioned.

In lieu of a festive equivalent, I bring you the below offerings instead. Don your nutcracker, crack out the candy canes and let’s begin the business of getting jolly!

Check last week's chartage....

Scroll to the bottom to listen to the whole shebang.

“Dreams (Upgrade Remix)" - Smokin Beats
[Hot Source Records]

First released in 1996 by record label / DJ production team Smokin Beats, the quintessential soulful UK garage house classic has been reissued, repackaged and remixed for 2015. Upgrade's take for team drum and bass is as you hear below...

“Coming Home (Break Remix)” - Sigma & Rita Ora
[3 Beat Productions]

Rita Ora lending her pipes again to our humble drum and bass. I personally would like to see some sort of Goldie/Rita Ora ensemble but baby steps girl - baby steps…

“Tangents” - Culture Shock
[RAM Records]

80’s intro causing me a very welcome Labryinth David Bowie flashback (showing my age much) before bopping into the main event.

"WTF" - Smooth
[Viper Recordings]

Smooth is heralded on his Soundcloud as a Slovenian DnB maestro and I thought that was smooth. No WTF going on here - track's pretty smooth too.

"Feedback Echo" - Current Value & Maztek
[Subsistenz 14.5]

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First time collab for these two so witness the beginning of some beautiful techy bad assery.

“What Would You Do?” - Xtrah
[Invisible Recordings]

Bossman of Cyberfunk releases follow up sister track to Bieber's 'What Do U Mean'.... 

“Lights Out” - Rene LaVice ft. David Boomah
[RAM Records]

This is actually epic. Nicely executed crew. Classic written all over it. 

“Pathfinder” - Mr. Frenkie
Dom & Roland Productions]

Simple and understated from the Russian brother, Mr. Frenkie.

“Frontiers” - Memtrix
[Lifted Music]

Sick album artwork and an equally sick track - young buck Memtrix is whitewashing a rock tint under his drum and bass and making it work.

"Itsok2behapp-e" - Rockwell ft. Sam Binga & Hyroglifics
[Shogun Audio]

Sound production on point! Itsok2b actually blown away by the chops on this!

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