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Weekly Top 10 Drum and Bass Chart  - 12.10.15

Goldie, Delta Heavy, Loadstar and more

The final countdown is upon us. Next week we bring you the BIG list. Yeahhh, the top 10 picks whittled down from the year 2015! But whoa, calm your horses, stroke their manes or something... 'cause we ain't there just yet. Pon de replay today is just your standard from me unfortunately - just a bunch of properly cracking, ankle busting, crunnnchhhhhy drum and bass to make your eardrums pack up and leave in protest! Boring huh. Till next week!

Check last week's chartage....

Scroll to the bottom to listen to the whole thing minus my dribble...

'Keeping Me High'- Loadstar ft. Prides
[RAM Records]

Gloriousity. Hold me whilst I black out in happiness. Can not wait to hear this in real time.

'Rush Connection' - Culture Shock
[RAM Records]

You heard Annie Mac! This is the one she's digging the most at the moment...every minute...every hour...

'Broken Man (Halogenix Remix)' - Goldie

Metalheadz is dubbing this tune a 'eyes down dancefloor track' which I flatout love.

'Deeper Love' - Botnek & I See MONSTAS

I See Monstas. Creators of the world’s finest drum and bass track (thereabouts) - Circles. Here, I find the UKF podcast tune that has had me going into raptures. Hooray! 

'Ten Years' - Was A Be
[Dreamers Recordings]

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My friends at Dreamers Recordings in Turin are guilty of making most excellent music on their new label and the tune below from Was A Be is no exception! Production values- tight.

'It Finds You' - LSB ft. Tokyo Prose
[Spearhead Records]

Big up kiwi boy Tokyo Prose on the track here with LSB!

'The Truth' - Drumsound & Bassline
[Technique Recordings]

If you are searching for the truth - I think you'll find it here.

'Lessons' - Enei ft. Kasra and DRS
[Critical Music]

Enei's on a little bit of a roll here methinks! Inviting DRS to the party wasn't to shabby as ideas go either.

'Punish My Love' - Delta Heavy (Delta Heavy 174 Remix)
[RAM Records]

Can do no wrong. The house version of this was already good and then they went and got next level with the 174. No I don't know what that stands for ....174x better?

'Lighters' - Majestic & Sigma
3beat Records

Back up haters! A banger is a banger.

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