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Weekly Top 10 Trap And Bass Chart - December 4, 2015

Start your weekend off right with the latest Trap and Bass tracks.
Deffie - Macro

What's up party people? This week's chart starts off with some chill vibes to help you de-stress from your work week, followed up by heavier tracks that should put you in the mood for any weekend shenanigans you might be getting into. 

Deffie - Macro

Starting things off with something mellow with a touch of atmospheric future bass synths. 

Dojo - (1-800-HOTLINEBLING)

Drake's ubiquitous tune gets a future chill flip from Dojo. 

Michi - Kill Our Way To Heaven (Nebbra Remix)

Nebbra strikes a balance between indie-electronic and huge future bass synths with this remix.

EASTGHOST - No Resistance To Demons 

Melancholy experimental hip-hop as only members of the Wedidit collective know how to do it. 

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Eikco - Tippin

Bouncy, chill trap remix of the classic Mike Jones track. 

Sophie - Vyzee

Pop music on acid. Sophie's signature sound complete with strange squelches, metallic clangs, and other various startling yet intriguing noises. 

X&G and Madeaux - High Caliber

Madeaux shows off his vocal talents on this club banger with X&G.


Wacky, weird, high energy trap. Good stuff. 

AWE - Koto

I would normally never share two tracks back to back by the same artist, but AWE killed it with these. Seriously, too good. 

Graves & Tynvn - The Holy Mountain

A little more mainstream than what I usually post, but this one was too wild to pass on. Festival banger. 

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