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What Would You Make Dillon Francis For Dinner?

Enter the contest, let us know what you would make him
What would you make Dillon for dinner?

What would you make Dillon for dinner?

We are giving away 3 pairs of tickets to Dillon Francis' IDGAFOS weekend takeover and we asked our readers what they would make Dillon for dinner should he happen to be stopping by before the show. 

We got some pretty funny responses to say the least, here are some of our favorites so far... 

Also, if you are trying to enter this contest on your mobile device you might be having some problems, so just head directly to our FB page and find the tab or please enter on your computer. If you still have problems please email for assistance. Contest Ends 12/16

Check out what the chefs are cooking up for you Dillon. Go with the Enchiladas.

Quotes were copied as is, no grammar, spelling or punctuation edits. We are not your mother. 


depends... what kind of dinner does dillon want ??? but definitively not donuts..... maybe some broccoli ? FUCK BROCCOLI - Shayla R.

Since i can't really cook i will probably buy some taco bell and just tell dillon that i cooked those delicious tacos and burritos! - Viridiana G.

A donut burger. He has a strange fetish for donuts and a burger with donut buns are perfect for him. - Daniel V.

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ohhhh too easy. skittles and oreos. with milk of course. - Gary T. 

Green eggs and ham! Cause he's cray cray like Dr. Seuss - Jonathan T.



For dinner I'd probably make Dillon some amazing nachos. Like the works with beans, cheese, asada, avocado, sour cream, & some chile. But, we'd obviously be recording it as part of drunk cooking so I'd probaby mess them & we'd end up going to Taco Bell. - Alyssa P.


Pizza for dinner, donuts for dessert, and a broccoli and kale shake to get him ready for the BIG SHOW!!! - Isabella U.

spaghetti tacos - Marie R. 

Doesn't matter, he doesn't give a fuck or shit. - William P.


Ham and Bananas Hollandaise - Cameron

Enchiladas - Connie S. 

Don't forget to enter, we will keep updating this list so check back soon to see what the crazy chefs will do next. 

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