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Listen To The World's First Concrete Record Developed By A German Engineer

The concrete record plays on a normal turntable as well

Personally, we think that vinyl is just perfect. So why did German engineer Ricardo Kocadag decide to develop a concrete record? Because he can.

No, we honestly don't know how why he chose to create such a thing as a concrete record. It's made out of special concrete that's being developed for construction, but Kocadag had other ideas. 

The 6mm slab of concrete was cut with the Rolling Stones’ ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’. You can listen to the recording in the video below.

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Kocadag did in fact give an interview where he discussed his creation, but sadly the recording is not available in the United States where this writer is in fact writing. However, if you are in Germany you can check out BLN.FM radio for more information.

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