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Amsterdam's Wouter de Moor Serves Up An Exclusive 60 Minute Mix

Listen and read about the Techno talent known as Wouter de Moor
Wouter de Moor

MAGNETIC Magazine is proud to present an exclusive podcast and interview with Amsterdam's own Wouter de Moor. He's a Dutch DJ & producer who had his biggest achievement last year on Ovum Recordings which received amazing feedback across the board. Currently, he has releases on the Poker Flat compilation Forward To The Past 3 and an EP on Get Physical as well. Also, he has a solo outing coming up on Joris Voorn's Rejected imprint this month and he has a remix for Flashmob currently in the works as well.  

First off, thank you for doing this exclusive podcast for us. Tell us about the tracks you chose for the mix.  

You're welcome! It's a part of a club set I recorded a little while ago. The tracks that I played were not lined up, so there wasn't a preconceived idea about the flow or tracks that I wanted to play. This is my more "slower / groovy" side of the sets that I play. The tracks I choose go from Lawrence, Aroy Dee and Sebastian Mullaert to Dubtil, Quince and Traumprinz. 

Tell us about who Wouter de Moor is.  

Haha, ok, well this is alway a bit weird for me… But here I go, I'm a dj/producer from Amsterdam, 31 years (already!!!) Grown up in a small village in the woods near Amsterdam, where I started playing and making records. During the week you can find me mostly in the studio fiddling with lots of knobs and faders. I'm a huge gear freak, which is making my happy every time I'm playing a synth or other instruments. I'm playing and making music that ranges from the slower more housy tracks to the faster and rougher techno stuff! It depends on the mood I'm in. 

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We understand that the Dutch techno wiz Steve Rachmad is your mentor. How did you get to know Steve?  

Well, he's more my friend than a mentor, but if you hang out with Steve a lot, you learn all sorts of stuff about music production, dj'n, machines and records. His love for the art is endless and really infectious. My first contact with him was through a walkman (cassette player), I was doing dishes in a kitchen and here somebody let me listen to one of his sets.This is when I readjust my focus in music. I met Steve personally on an illegal party in Amsterdam, soon after that we became good friends and now he's a brotha from anotha motha… :-) 

Is there anyone else in electronic music that truly inspires you?  

Oh yes, loads of people inspire me. I mean there is just so much good stuff out there, for example Mr. Mathew Jonson. He's a crazy musician! Besides his impeccable keyboard playing, Mathew has proper studio knowledge and is really technical. His attention for detail is inspiring, like the way he's aware of what he's doing efx wise, how he plays with certain ambiences. He's versatile in his music (like Steve) and both of them have a recognizable own style, this is something I find attractive and which I'm trying to achieve myself.

Do you have any possible upcoming dates planned for the U.S.?  

Unfortunately not yet, but my booker is busy getting me over there! It's a waiting game.

Wouter De Moor - ‘Bon Voyage’ is available on the Poker Flat ‘Forward To The Past 3’ digital compilation out now. Purchase Here

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