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15 People Indicted in Stampede Tragedy That Killed 5 Women at a Steve Aoki Concert

More than 3 years after the initial incident, 15 people have been indicted as part of an ongoing trial
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Steve Aoki - EDM Is So Lit Right Now

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Back in 2012, Steve Aoki headlined a Halloween event at the Madrid Arena in Spain where 5 women were killed with numerous others injured as a result of a stampede that occurred when the music suddenly cut out and patrons rushed the exits. The cause of the incident was supposedly due to the venue's lack of emergency exits. 

SPIN reported that the deaths of the 5 women were supposedly due to injuries from "trauma by crushing, possibly having suffered a fall and being trampled." After the incident, Steve Aoki cancelled his gig the following month and released a statement.

Now, more than 3 years later, 15 individuals have been indicted as a result of a trial that began on January 12. Among the 15 people is Miguel Angel Flores, the promoter for the event. 

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As the trial is currently underway, we'll have more information as it arises.

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