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Swedish Techno Artist Abdulla Rashim Arrested While on Tour

The Northern Electronics founder was seen running from a train yard and was arrested under suspicion of vandalism
Abdulla Rashim Arrested While on Tour

While on tour in Australia, Abdulla Rashim was arrested for vandalism due to being caught in the act of doing graffiti on a train.

The Swedish artist was seen breaking into a train yard where he supposedly had to scale a razer wire fence. A railway worker spotted Rashim with his acomplice and alerted the police. He was then seen running from the train yard and was arrested under speculation that he was partaking in the "graffiti tourism" sub-culture which is currently a hot topic in Melbourne. As he attempted to run from the police, Rashim left behind his camera that was filled with incriminating evidence. He pleaded guilty and was given a $750 fine. 

Rashim is known for founding the Northern Electronics label. He is currently on tour in Australia where he has remaining gigs in Melbourne and Sydney. To watch a video of Rashim talking with reporters after his arrest, click here.

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[photo via 7 News Australia]

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