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Altec Lansing Headphones Let You Experience Being on Stage with Your Favorite DJ

Altec Lansing's new DJ headphones will have a built-in 1080p 30fps live-streaming camera built in!
Altec Lansing

Experience the rave or festival of your dreams like never before. Be on stage with the favorite artists, see what they see in real time with Altec Lansing's new DJ headphones. Revealed at CES 2016, these new DJ headphones feature a 1080p camera that shoots at 30 fps already built in. It's like having a GoPro attached to your head but without any of the hassle. 

Altec Lansing

The headphones also feature 40mm drivers because they are, first and foremost, DJ headphones. The headphones can stream via the built-in Wi-Fi, or store footage on the internal 8GB memory, and even features the ability to insert an external microSD for more storage power. These things even have a battery life of 7-hours, so they can stream those late night long warehouse party DJ sets we all love. With a price of just $199.99, these bad boys will be flying off the shelves come the release later this year. 

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If these headphones can actually deliver high-quality footage in real time, and sound great for the DJ wearing them, we may be seeing them everywhere. 

The future of club culture is fast approaching.

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