The music industry has a way with making artists feel as if success is right around the corner, if only you try hard enough. There is such pleasure in hearing stories about hard-working individuals catching their big break at the most opportune time. It's even more rewarding, as a member of the media, to catch these young artists right before they make it.

Ant LaRock, real name Anthony Colucci, was the fresh name added to Todd Terry's InHouse Records label in 2014. As an artist, he has a keen ear for blending that nostalgic groove from the days of Kerri Chandler and Frankie Knuckles with today's modern styles of dance music. With a combination of hard work, a musical background and just the right amount of luck, Ant LaRock has the potential to become the new name representing the next generation of House music. 


Ant LaRock's entry into the music realm was a humble one. With a dream of becoming a musician, Ant has been playing instruments since he was thirteen years old. Growing up in a Connecticut suburb, he's played in various types of bands and has held numerous gigs since he was a kid. 

"Once I got into music that was it, I was hooked. It was forget the firefighter dreams, the paradigm of what it means to be an adult."

Growing up with a background in genres other than dance music has given him a more rounded understanding of various musical styles. He began producing tracks when he rediscovered Groove and Funk House, and eventually found a home in the Disco House oriented motifs. 

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"It felt like, I really understood it. I felt the music and every chord change." 


After some hardships, Ant began recording music on his own. He eventually had a collection of tracks that he would only share with his family, who in turn had shown it to a friend who worked with Todd Terry (can you imagine that). Once Todd had received Ant's tracks, he immediately followed up about bringing him in to work together. Since 2o14, Ant LaRock has been consistently putting out tracks under Todd Terry's mentorship. Now he's taken the next step in his career as an artist and this year his tracks are being released under the iconic record label, Nervous Records. 

"It was an honor to have a release on such a venerable staple of House music. Nervous has been cemented in my record collection since the 90's. I made tunes that I liked that came from deep inside of me with no strings attached. The fact that Nervous felt that vibe is huge and pushed me forward."

With a foot in the door in the New York House scene, Ant LaRock can be the young artist this year that really brings back classic House. It's already clearly making a comeback, but to have a youthful producer such as Ant LaRock adopting the distinct flavor, it's easy to see how more will soon follow. 

This week, Ant LaRock's 'Universal' EP was released on Nervous Records with three new original tracks: 'Universal', 'Deep Cracks' and 'More Love'. As a special treat, Ant LaRock has made an exclusive mix for Magnet Magazine and you can listen to below. 

Check out Ant LaRock on Facebook, Soundcloud and Beatport!

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