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Authorities Find Kinder Eggs Stuffed With Cocaine

Kinder eggs were stashed in bins and bricks inside a pub
Kinder Egg

The inside of a Kinder egg.

A police raid on Jono's Pub in North West London found a stash of Kinder eggs stuffed with cocaine.

During a routine police check, police found a number of Kinder eggs stashed in bins around the pub. Police also stopped a number of suspicious looking individuals outside and around the pub who were also found to be in possession of Kinder eggs stuffed with cocaine. 

This isn't the first time police have found Kinder eggs stuffed with cocaine at Jono's Pub. Back in November authorities found two eggs hidden in bricks of the pub that had 5 to 6 wraps of cocaine and another man confessed to having an egg with 3 wraps of cocaine that was hidden in his underwear.

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Police licensing officer Nick Mortimer accused Jono's Pub of turning a "blind eye" to drug activity and police have said that the landlord of the pub, Kenneth McCormack, showed "complete disregard" for illegal and suspicious conditions. 

Jono's Pub will undergo a hearing next Thursday and proposed changes include having a bouncer at the door starting at 9pm and more signs that discourage drug use.

[via: Evening Standard]

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