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Ben Klock's Banana From Berghain Is Up For Auction

A fan was given the banana by Ben Klock and has now decided to sell it on ebay.
ben klock banana

We shall call it, The Techno Banana.

In one of the more bizarre items up for auction that I've come across on ebay, you can now bid on Ben Klock's banana from his 12 hour marathon set that took place at Berghain / Panorama Bar in Berlin, Germany.

The banana was handed to a fan who attended the event. After Ben Klock's set, the fan waited with others to plead for one final song, but alas, the night (or day) was over. 

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“I kissed his hand, he kissed mine and the Banana was the physical bond of ours, of this moment,” the seller describes in the item description. “I am leaving town soon and can’t take care of this precious diamond so decided to sell it here. Hope it finds a good home. Can be used/appreciated in several ways.”

You can bid on the item on ebay. The bid is now up to €28,50 with the price continuing to rise.

The banana now has it's own Twitter account. Check out Ben Klock's Banana to stay updated on all things related.


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