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Deep within the jungle that is the New York City/Brooklyn underground music scene is a sound that is even further nestled in the depths of the city. As many spend days wading through the Techno and Deep House that has spread in popularity like an unexpected forest fire, another label/promoter has begun cultivating the speedway for a more delicate style of music to take place. 

Back in 2012, Bespoke Musik began throwing events that harbored the refugees of deep and melodic music. Not far from the dreamy sounds that we have become familiar with thanks to Lee Burridge; Bespoke takes pride in curating events that evoke deep, intricate and forward-thinking organic electronic music. 

The current residents of Bespoke Musik are Baez, Bedouin, Christian Voldstad, David Marston, Lovecraft, Rampue and Wild Dark who all take part in setting the tone for Bespoke's ethos. As of today, Bespoke has also brought in talent such as Superlounge, Wiafs & Strays, Andhim, Powel, Parra for Cuva, Stavroz, Niko Schwind and Larse for their US debuts, along with tapping Mano Le Tough, Chopstick & Johnjon, Francesca Lombardo, Oceanvs Orientalis, Ninze and Daniel Bortz for their NY debuts. If the bass is deep and the rhythm is strong, Bespoke will be there to put it on.

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I came across Bespoke Musik in early May at one of their events at The Paperbox, where I heard Baez for the first time. I was in town that weekend from Boston and after a fourteen-hour catering shift, I decided to go out anyway. Hella tired and somewhat unfamiliar with this particular label, I walked into the venue and ended up staying throughout the entire night. The music was enchanting and uplifting in a way that I realized was no longer being implemented in a lot of events coming about. That being said, I have meticulously stalked the Bespoke Musik Soundcloud since then, until I finally decided to contact the man behind the label himself. 

The founders of Bespoke Musik are Alex "Rocky" Ramniceanu and Rami Abousabe (of Bedouin). Back in 2012, Rocky and Rami felt as though the music community was lacking in bringing in artists that played the style of music they loved. The feeling was that certain deeper styles of dance music were being overlooked in the US market.

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Rocky and Rami tested out their theory on June 9th in 2012 when they brought in Daniel Bortz for his NY debut. It was an event of around 150 people within an intimate and beautiful loft space in Manhattan, almost as if an exclusive party. Those who were in attendance responded with praise for the event, along with Daniel Bortz's fantastic 5-6 hour set. From then on, the two decided to book artists that fit their "Bespoke" vibe and that was essentially how they got their name (Bespoke is an old English term for "custom-made; tailored"). 

Before the birth of Bespoke Musik, Rocky came from a very strong background in Entertainment Marketing and event production. He worked producing corporate events and was a video producer/creative director for various projects. Born in Bucharest, Romania and raised in NYC, he was an out of the box thinker with a resourceful nature that made it a natural transition for him to start his own brand. 

"It was just me taking something that I loved to do, transferring and applying it to the music that I love."  

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"Not long after, Bedouin took off and Rami had to bow out as an active partner. However, he remains a spiritual partner. The music he creates is still very much in line with the Bespoke ethos." 

Bespoke Musik's efforts in creating a strong and reliable name have made them uniquely capable of attracting attendees without line-ups boasting the biggest names. The idea is to expand the range of artists they bring in beyond notoriety and have them be encouraging the cultivation of the events. 

"One of the challenges is convincing people, if they're unfamiliar with an artist, to trust you and let you guide them..." 

Bespoke ADE 2.jpg

Bespoke events incorporate music, art and the essence of serenity. A design aesthetic guided by Bespoke Art Director and final co-founder, Omar "Sharky" Martin, who has designed everything from the logo to every promotional artwork and radio show cover to date. At Amsterdam Dance Event this past year, they had their own ADE Showcase, an incredible feat for a company that's just a little over three years old. They also successfully organized a two-day music and art festival in Brooklyn that had the likes of Oceanvs Orientalis performing live. On top of that, Bespoke also put on one of the most popular boat cruise parties this past summer, one of which was highlighting Oliver Schories' Fields Without Fences album tour. 

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To expand their platform, Bespoke Musik launched Bespoke Kollektiv, as the sister booking/artist management/creative studio agency. In addition to events, Bespoke Musik will become a label in 2016 and it keeps up with its namesake via their choice of residents and the Bespoke Musik Radio podcast on Soundcloud. The selection of artists they feature are a unique combination of melodic and ethereal dance music. To simply call it House or Techno would be an unfair categorization since all or none apply. Some of my favourite artists featured on their podcasts are, Superlounge, Rampue, Baez, Andhim, Stavroz, Madmotormiquel and Marc DePulse. 

Sometimes when we are so busy chasing after headliners, we forget what a party should actually feel like. There are some that can make you "rage" and then there are others that delegate time and effort in developing an atmosphere that surpasses sweaty, convulsing bodies. Bespoke Musik and Bespoke Kollektiv are unafraid of challenging the individual listener and invite everyone to experience another world of music. 


If you are curious enough and unafraid of the unknown, check out a Bespoke Musik event next time around. The recently sold out their NYE event with a lineup featuring Jacob Groening making his NY debut alongside Spaceandtime, Baez, Christian Voldstad and Chris Patrick. 

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