Boards Of Canada Share an Ethereal New Remix of NEVERMEN's 'Mr Mistake'

Something new from Boards of Canada is always a good thing
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It's been nearly 3 years since we were graced with anything new from Boards of Canada, but a track surfaced today in the form of a remix for NEVERMEN's track 'Mr Mistake' that really hits the spot. 

It's a deep and emotional ballad with a melody that seems to just take over the entire atmosphere. Ethereal and immersive, in typical Boards of Canada fashion, the remix temporarily quenches the thirst for those long time fans that enjoy literally everything the Scottish duo puts out. We're not sure when we'll get anything else from them, but for now this is definitely a bright spot in our day. 

Enjoy listening to the remix below and be sure to grab NEVERMEN's debut self-titled album upon it's release January 29th via Lex Records / Ipecac Recordings.

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