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Bonobo Announces A New Album Coming in 2016

His 6th album will be the follow up to The North Borders
Bonobo Ninja Tune 25th Anniversary Photo by Jennica Abrams

The new year brings good news as Bonobo has announced his 6th full length album will be coming in 2016.

Little is known about the project as of yet, but the producer made the announcement via Twitter and fans are already eagerly awaiting new music. 

Bonobo's next album will be the follow up to his highly praised album, The North Borders, released back in 2013. He recently announced a new event, Outlier, with a lineup curated by Bonobo and featuring forward thinking acts like Nocturnal Sunshine, Kiasmos, Lone, Hodge, Throwing Snow and more. Find tickets here.

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We'll have more information on the new Bonobo material as it surfaces.

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