This Is How a Daft Punk Helmet is Built

An inside look at the complex process of building a Daft Punk helmet
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Many believe that Daft Punk are in fact interstellar aliens sent to earth to shower us with dance music. Although that notion is still up for debate, many of us lowly humans have attempted to build their iconic space helmets, but none seem to have done it quite as successful as Greg Santacruz.

There are many working parts inside the Daft Punk helmet that help to bring it to life. From the intricate and complex wiring of the LEDs to the padding that allows the helmet to sit comfortably on your head, the process of building one can be a daunting task. 

Tim Bottchen was brought in to photograph the process of building Thomas Bangalter's chrome Daft Punk helmet. You can view the full collection of photos here.

[Photos: Tim Bottchen]

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