Can EDM DJs Gain Credibility By Spinning Vinyl?

Mainstream EDM DJs are perpetually faced with the "press play" stereotype. Does spinning a vinyl DJ set help overcome that?

Just last week a video surfaced of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, the #1 DJs in the world according to DJ Mag, playing an all vinyl segment at one of their shows. In the middle of their set, they decided to ditch the CDJs and bring in three turntables to showcase some of their favorite classic dance tracks. This prompted questions of whether or not they actually gained any credibility as most people claim that EDM DJs only "press play". Can EDM superstars actually overcome this stereotype if they are able to mix a vinyl set? 

"What does it mean when two DJs who embody everything wrong with mainstream dance music culture—who've achieved a level of fame through marketing ploys and pay-to-play schemes instead of hard work and talent—resort to spinning vinyl in an attempt at gaining some credibility?" - Thump

It's really up to the fans to decide what they think and the comments on the video consist of mixed feelings. One commenter wrote, "Playing a few vinyl records for less than 15 minutes is not old skool, nor impressive." Others responded with praise saying, "These guys viynl set was fiya!!!!! Please do more vinyl sets Dimitri Vegas!!!!" and "Dimitri Vegas and like mike are absolutely the best Dj in the world." Everyone is obviously entitled to their own opinion, but there may be an ulterior motive at work here that is necessary to explore.

We can't ignore the fact that the "press play" stereotype is hurting the mainstream DJs appeal to new fans who have the awareness to dig deeper into what actually is considered respectable dance music. With that being said, "there's a good chance this all-vinyl set was just another 'clever' marketing ploy cooked up by the DJ duo."

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Of course, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are selling out arenas all over the world and their fan base is still growing. So it doesn't seem like they would actually need to attempt any marketing strategy in order to appeal to new fans. Everyone who likes their music will probably like them as artists and those that don't enjoy their music will continue to think they're a joke. We'll have to wait and see if any other EDM acts decide to showcase their turntablism behind the decks, but from this writers perspective, it actually does seem like a sad attempt at gaining credibility. 

"If Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike's recent stunt is anything to go by, what was once regarded as a symbol of legitimacy and agency is becoming another shade in the blinding lights of commercial dance music."

There you have it. Did the EDM superstars gain your support? Maybe... Should more of them start to spin vinyl sets? Perhaps... Just don't expect their musical style to change, that's something they can't hide behind. You don't need to DJ with vinyl to have credibility, it's always been about the music.

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