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Dance Mania Reissues Classic Tracks by Marshall Jefferson, Paul Johnson and Parris Mitchell

Tracks that helped shape dance music culture during the early years will finally be available again on vinyl
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Dance Mania

With vinyl's resurgence solidified, many timeless classics are finding their way back on wax in order to give fans a chance to get their hands on music that helped shape the culture we know it to be today. 

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The latest repress announcement comes from Chicago based label Dance Mania who will be reissuing 4 all-time classic dance EPs from artists who pioneered the scene.

Marshall Jefferson's 1986 classic ‘7 Ways’, produced under his Hercules alias, will see a much anticipated repress along with Paul Johnson's hard hitting 11 P.M. Music / 2 AM Music and Sex Crazed / Track Happy. Parris Mitchell's jacking Butter Fly EP rounds out the collection of iconic represses, as Dance Mania supplies us with a much needed blast from the past. 

Marshall Jefferson's '7 Ways' will be released January 29 with Paul Johnson's 'Sex Crazed / Track Happy' coming February 12 and 11 P.M. Music / 2 AM Music' available on February 19. Parris Mitchell's 'Butter Fly' will also be released February 12.

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Paul Johnson ‎– 11 P.M. Music / 2 AM Music
A1 The Speaker Buster
A2 Don’t Stop Movin That Ass
B1 Something Strange
B2 Freaks In Front

Paul Johnson – Sex Crazed / Track Happy
A1 Suck My Candy Cane
A2 U Remind Me Of Some Sex
B1 Give Me Ecstasy
B2 Groove Melody

Parris Mitchell – Butter Fly
A1 Part I
A2 Part II
B1 Spanish Fly
B2 House Fly

Hercules (Marshall Jefferson) – 7 Ways – 2016 Mixes
A1 7 Ways Main Mix
A2 7 Ways Club Mix
B1 7 Ways (Jammin Gerald Remix Instrumental)
B2 7 Ways (Jammin Gerald Remix)

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