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Denzel Curry Turns Up in New Video for 'Flying Nimbus'

A snapshot into what a Denzel Curry performance looks like

Besides spitting hot fire for the majority of time, the Florida native has also been making moves in the industry. Linking up with Pro Era and touring with Allen Kindom, Denzel is making the right decisions to place him in the limelight.

Denzel Curry is one of those guys that is on the cusp of becoming the next big rapper in the mainstream and his new track 'Flying Nimbus' is a clear example of why. He’s wild, hard and everything you’re looking for in a club rapper. He’s got a wide range of flows and his double time seems to be effortless. As for the video, it’s definitely a direct reflection of what you’re going to get from his tour, which you can now buy tickets for on his website. If you like mosh pits, I would definitely recommend going. 

On a side note, the tittle for 'Flying Nimbus' comes from Dragon Ball Z. The Flying Nimbus was this gold cloud Goku originally used to fly. It was introduced in the original Dragon Ball then used in Dragon Ball Z. If you only came hear to read about Denzel and not about Dragon Ball Z, I apologize, but if you haven't watched the Frieza or Cell sagas, you're missing out on the classics.

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