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James Murphy & 2manydjs' Despacio 50,000-Watt Sound System to be Featured at Coachella

The artists on the lineup are not the only highlight at Coachella this year

Coachella is shaping up to be quite the monumental event with it's lineup littered with high profile artists, not to mention the reunions of LCD Soundsystem and Guns N' Roses. With that being said, the artists on the lineup aren't the only major highlight to look forward to as the world renowned Despacio soundsystem will also be featured. 

Despacio is eight 11.5-feet-tall pillars that make up the immersive soundsystem developed by LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy, David and Stephen Dewaele of 2manydjs and sound engineer John Klett. In an interview with Wired UK back in 2013, David Dewaele of 2manydjs said, “with most gigs, people are turned toward the DJs looking at what you are doing. It becomes a performance. With Despacio, the sound is the star. In Manchester, people didn’t want to take pictures with the DJs, but with the stacks.”

The original vision for Despacio's 50,000 watt soundsystem was to throw vinyl only parties in Ibiza featuring the distinct Balearic sound of the island. Plans for the Ibiza session did not come to fruition, but that wasn't going to stop the crew from building it. Since then the Despacio parties have become a thing of legend and it has remained in the UK ever since. That is, until it makes it's way to Coachella.

Little is known about what specifically is planned for Despacio at Coachella, but we do know patrons can expect the utmost in sound quality from this exquisite stack of speakers. 

Tickets for Coachella are already sold out, so if you miss your chance to hear Despacio there, let's keep our fingers crossed it will take root at other locations in North America.

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