Diplo and Porter Robinson Express Their Opinions Regarding The 2016 Presidential Election

Dance music's elite voice their opinions regarding possible presidential candidates
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The 2016 Presidential Election is heating up and those following the news may be aware that it's still a tight race. Everyone's been voicing their opinions regarding the candidates with the majority of chatter being pointed in the direction of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Who knows who will be the next president, but Diplo and Porter Robinson have voiced their opinions.

Porter Robinson didn't voice his opinion on who he would actually vote for, but he did express his fear of Donald Trump getting elected. Trump may scare a lot of people and North Korea potentially having nuclear weapons is not something to take lightly.

Diplo recently voiced his opinion via Twitter as well, stating that he doesn't see any candidate being worthy of running the United States. He's all for Bernie Sanders, but he's also skeptical that Sanders won't even get the nomination.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to areas such as politics. We're not sure how much Diplo and Porter Robinson actually know about the subject, so we're not sure their opinions hold any weight, although many of the general population may agree with their statements. What we are sure about is that this presidential election is giving the public plenty to talk about and we should all think long and hard before casting a vote. Donald Trump in the White House? Bernie Sanders getting the Democratic nomination? Anything is possible.

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