Disney Takes Aim at Deadmau5 With Their Own LED Mouse Head

The MICKEYPHON is a new installation from Disney that responds to sounds it picks up from the environment
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It's been well documented that Disney and Deadmau5 have not had a good relationship. Back in 2014, Disney issued a lawsuit agains Deadmau5, claiming his logo infringed on the copyright of their own iconic logo of Mickey Mouse. The two parties settled their dispute in 2015 with an undisclosed agreement and all was right in the world of mouse heads. But not so fast. Disney has developed a mouse head of their own that might give Deadmau5 a run for his money.

The Disney mouse head, which in no way has anything to do with Deadmau5, was developed in collaboration with PanGenerator and is part of an art installation called MICKEYPHON. The new installation picks up sounds in the environment and rotates in the direction of each sound it picks up. The LED screen on the mouse head then creates rhythmic patterns in response to the sounds. 

"The piece invites both children and adults to experiment with creating sounds using their voices, clapping their hands or using the provided instruments and observe their influence on the kinetic, visual and audiatory output of the sculpture."

Watch the video below to see how the MICKEYPHON works.

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