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Exclusive Podcast & Interview: Format:B

Sixty Minutes of 'Chunky' Tech-House From The Berlin Duo, Format:B

MAGNETIC Magazine is pleased to bring you yet another edition of the exclusive podcast series featuring the Berlin duo known as Format: B who have put together a solid sixty minutes of pumping Tech House. 

Format:B is composed of two seasoned German producers who currently reside in Berlin. They've been busy producing dance music for over ten years now and their tracks can be heard in DJ sets all over the world. Plus, they aren't just known for the recent underground hit 'Chunky'. They are also the founders of their own label, Formatik Records, through which they release most of their own floor filling material.  

To get a bit more background on the guys, we asked them to answer a few questions regarding their background and the recent success of 'Chunky'.

Who is Format: B?  

Franziskus Sell & Jakob Hildenbrand  

Tell us where you're from and where you're based out of at the moment.

Jakob is from Berlin, Franziskus from Erfurt. We both live in berlin at the moment. 

Based on the gigs you are playing at the moment, your general fan-base seems to be in Europe. Any plans to come to the U.S. anytime soon?  

Yes indeed...our boys at the office are working on a US tour next year, probably will set in April and we will love to come back there.  

Is there a part of the world you've never played and that you would like to play?

I think we've done most of the map after 10 years ;) but I'd like to go back to Japan and see more of their culture and way of living.  

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Is there a country or city that you enjoy playing in most?  

Hmm really can't name ONE favorite over all the others...  

Let's talk about music. How did you two meet and start producing music together?  

About 14 years ago in college, that is where everything happened...  

What advantages do you think a duo has compared to an individual producer/DJ?

Well in the studio, it's clearly an advantage to have the ideas of two guys when you're creating a track. When it comes to technical aspects or working out certain details I like to put on headphones and work on my own sometimes...but all musical decision are done together. 

Is one of you better at DJ'ing than producing and vice versa?  

How should you say this about your partner... if you are a duo everybody tends to focus on things he is good at. At least, in the studio...on stage duties are shared 50:50...2 tracks each ;)  

Your recent single 'Chunky' seems to have taken on a life of its own. Tell us how you two put it together.  

As with many successful and unique records, the origin was kind of an incident. I was at home, just playing around in Traktor with a couple of acapellas and loops...and luckily skipped to a vocal part later used as chunky vocals. Honestly, I never resynced or even changed the pitch...even though the original is much slower by 20bpm or so:) lucky shot!  

With one closing word, describe the sound of Format:B  

Hmmm... when I refer to the actual stuff we are doing I would say still bassline focused as ever...but compared to the "early days", the overall production is more reduced to the what moves you on the floor.  

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