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Fatboy Slim Recalls Witnessing a Fight Between Swedish House Mafia and Sven Väth

When producers hash it out, it's always memorable

Musicians are unique individuals and a lot of them are very opinionated people who will never back down from getting their point across. Having a strong personality is by no means a requirement for being a star, but a lot of them definitely stand out, whether they're on stage or not.

Fatboy Slim recently gave an interview with Red Bull Australia where he discussed a multitude of topics, like what he thinks about EDM and taking song requests from Banksy, among other things. One highlight from the interview was when he was asked about his memories from the last time he toured Australia back in 2012. His answer was a moment when he witnessed a dispute between Electro House heavyweights Swedish House Mafia and Techno kingpin Sven Väth.

"It's also a beautiful country to visit. But the highlight last time was witnessing this fight between Swedish House Mafia and Sven Vath outside a restaurant in Sydney. That's my overriding memory."

Witnessing a "fight" between dance music's leading producers is something I bet we all wish we could witness, especially when they are debating one of the hottest topics in dance music. The classification of EDM versus other forms and genres.

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"It was quite a comedy. It wasn't a serious fight, no one got hurt. It was really about EDM versus house purism. EDM outgunned the house purism but on the moral higher ground it was probably Sven."

At Magnetic Mag we have also chimed in on this topic in the past. The topic of EDM versus other forms of dance music has been talked about in great length and will be debated until the EDM bubble eventually bursts. But until then, here's what we think.

[via: Red Bull Australia]

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