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Flux Pavilion Creates a Track in 10 Minutes

FACT TV's "Against the Clock" series pits producer and DJ Flux Pavilion in the hot seat to create a track in 10 minutes!

FACT Magazine's "Against The Clock" series pits Joshua Steele, better known as Flux Pavilion against a timer to create a track in 10 minutes. The video gives insight into Steele's creative process as he states his "general start is going for instrumentation, rather than synthesis." Steele follows with a strong composition and interesting percussive patterns that he programs with ease. 

This is a great exercise to test your production skills. They should make every producer try this, just to see what will come about.

In these 10 minutes Flux Pavilion manages to put together a simple, yet powerful track, that shows why he is such a powerhouse producer.  Enjoy! 

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