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Did Flume Steal a Track From Skrillex and What So Not?

George Maple makes a strong allegation, but is it based on facts?
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When Flume shared the teaser for his new album, Skin, many fans where excited to finally be able to sink their teeth into some new material. Amidst the excitement was George Maple, an artist who previously collaborated with Flume and What So Not. She claims that she heard similarities in tracks that supposedly are produced by Skrillex and What So Not. Flume is in fact a former member of What So Not, so all of this confusion may be hastily projected.


The tweets have since been deleted, but George Maple definitely felt strongly about her accusations. Honestly, we don't know what goes on behind the scenes with artists sharing stems and sending out tracks to be played in DJ sets. It happens all the time. But for an artist to directly take one of those tracks seems a bit farfetched and we're not sure what to believe. It's possible that George Maple may have jumped the gun just a bit on this one.

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Nevertheless, the tracklist has yet to be released and we'll just have to wait and see if there are any collaborations included. For now, enjoy the Flume teaser and get ready for the album to drop in the coming months.

Flume Tour Dates:
Saturday 30 January - Singapore - The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay
Monday 1 February - Auckland - Silo Park
Friday 5 February - Adelaide - Harts Mill, Port Adelaide
Saturday 6 February - Brisbane - Brisbane Showgrounds
Sunday 7 February - Sydney - SCA, Rozelle
Saturday 13 February - Melbourne - Footscray Community Arts Centre
Sunday 14 February - Fremantle - Esplanade Reserve and West End

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