Goldie Gets Set to Launch His Graffiti App, ARTA

ARTA gives artists a unique platform to share their artwork.
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After nearly 3 years of development Goldie is just about ready to launch his graffiti app called ARTA. The producer, actor and artist recently launched his crowd funding campaign ahead of the apps release that gives backers the chance to get their hands on some exclusive content. 

ARTA, which stands for Art Rail Transit Authority, "is a fully interactive, immersive platform for writers by writers." The app presents users with a virtual reality world, made specific for graffiti artists by giving them a platform to share their work. Train cars are the focus within the app and are the canvas for any writer to take on. As these trains travel through the app, other writers will get a chance to see your tags. 

Watch the video below to see Goldie discuss his vision for ARTA. If you would like to help fund the new app, click here.

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