Great Music Videos That Were Inspired By Video Games

We love those 8bit graphics
8Bit Nostalgia 

8Bit Nostalgia 

Nothing feels better than seeing a great video of your favorite song. Such videos give the song a completely new dimension. Unfortunately, it rarely works that way. Most music videos for our favorite tunes are bland and uninspiring. A great way that producers have achieved the rare feat of putting out magnificent music videos is the use of popular video game elements in the music videos. The combination of elements from your favorite game and one of your favorite tunes is often magical! This piece takes a look at some music videos that have achieved this feat.

Das Racist – Who’s That? Brooown!

This is a perfect retro example. The video makes many references to the early NES days. Apart from that, it is a perfect summary of all platform games in that period with the jumping all through the music video. Unlike today, when people can go on bingo sites like for some calm but every inch exciting fun, jumping games were basically the default gaming option for people at the time.

Blur - Ong Ong

This video is a favorite for retro gamers, as it features a fusion of Kirby and Pacman, two of the best games and characters. The video features rainbows, candy and strange looking bug villains. The song is a very good one but the video raised it several notches.

Architecture in Helsinki – Do The Whirlwind

This video is undoubtedly one of the cutest on the entire web today. This collaboration between one of the best indie artists and the best pixel experts is one for the archives. With GBA graphics, and some Pacman presence at the end of the video, you’ll definitely love the huge dose of nostalgia.

Hot Chip – Don’t Deny Your Heart

The music video for "Don’t Deny Your Heart" from Hot Chip is weird and unusual, especially in comparison to videos from the other artists in the genre. It is a favorite for football gamers as the theme is FIFA. The video, however, has its own rules with dance battles all through. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could enjoy some dance moves at half time during normal FIFA games?

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication

This is another one to get you feeling nostalgic. It is perfect video that shows what life probably looks like for members of the band each day. The video game reference isn’t as blatant as some others on this list but if you have played GTA and any N64 trick games, you’ll quickly see where the video producer got inspiration from.

Tokyo Police Club – Hot Tonight

This is another huge favorite for gamers. A music video for a highly catchy song combined with some 8-bit gaming action, what’s there not to love? The video features some nice twists on some of your classic arcade favorites. You’ll definitely love the part where normal blocks are substituted for band gear in Tetris! The song is a favorite among good DJs.

These are some of our favorite video game inspired music videos. Don’t know any of the songs? Play the videos anyway. You will dig every single one of them!

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