Haribo Introduces New Line of DJ-Themed Candy

They look like something else you might find in a club...
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haribo DJ Brause Sauer

The candy company Haribo has introduced it's new line of sweets, DJ Brause Sauer, which is inspired by DJ culture. 

According to the website, the new candy has a “slight acidic taste,” which means it leans on the sour side of the candy spectrum. After all, DJ Brause Saur translates to "DJ Sour Fizz".

You might be looking at the candy pictured above and think to yourself, "Hey, they kind of look like ecstasy." Yeah, we were thinking the same thing. (You could get them confused with these)

The new product is only available in Germany at the moment, which is perfect for those marathon sessions at the Techno mecca of Berghain. 

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